VPN vs. Proxy Server: The Battle Continues!

Internet is one scary place to put your information – not a place to put all your eggs in one basket, and yea internet is one hell of a huge basket! Since everyone is on internet, conducting their businesses online, trying to make a living, but little they know that they are equally prone to getting attacked.

Internet sprouted from the idea to have a better and effective communication between the computers, while this worked, it totally changed the way people communicate now! It is a growing thing, much more complex from inside but on the contrary much simpler for the users. So, with the increased internet threats what do you use to safeguard yourself? Do you use a VPN software or a proxy server?

Before you decide which one is better for you, go through this article..

VPN vs. Proxy Server

Both of these technologies were made to serve one common purpose, however their features do set them apart from each other. The common use of VPN and Proxy server is to allow a user to access the websites which were not accessible otherwise. The reasons for not being able to access a website may differ, but how both of these work to provide a complete access to a website, is what matters.

While a proxy server is totally an intermediate computer that sits between a client computer and server computer, taking requests and making sure that the client computer gets what it requested. A VPN on the other hand is a complete opposite, it is a virtual network that lets you to create a secure internet connection with the public internet connection. Don’t get confused yet, it isn’t that difficult, just go through the following description to get a detailed idea about both!

Proxy Server

Proxy server is nothing but a server taking care of your queries and requests on your behalf, just like a friend of yours would take care of your attendance in college. But it is more than that, for instance if you aren’t able to view a website, or find a particular content, or maybe download stuff, then you can switch your proxy location to do all these without revealing your original IP address.

A free proxy server would mainly help you to hide your IP address and access internet anonymously (because your IP address gets switched!). For a proxy server, you just need to find a specific website that offers free proxy service, enter the website that you wish to access and that’s it!

Advantages Of Using A Proxy Server

While Proxy server might offer a few uses only, it certainly has a few advantages as well:

  • It offers you a concealed internet browsing experience by hiding your IP address.
  • Free to use as compared to a VPN software.
  • The proxy servers easily cache the data, therefore speeding up the response for the requested content.
  • It can be accessed by the web browser itself, for example a proxy server named http://www.abc.com
  • It helps you to bypass the geographical restrictions.

Disadvantages Of Using A Proxy Server

While there are only a few useful features, Proxy server has its own fair share of cons too:

  • It does not provide data encryption, therefore one’s data is extremely vulnerable while using a proxy server.
  • It does not protect the system from any kind of malware and other internet based threats.
  • They are ad-supported, and you can’t help but end up clicking one of those annoying pop up ads (who knows it might be a spam itself?).
  • The caching feature of a proxy server can leak out your personal information such as passwords, internet history, password etc.

VPN Software

Well, as a matter of fact there is an abundance of VPN softwares in the market. But only a few can be counted on. A VPN, virtual private network is basically created over a public internet connection. But it makes use of advanced encryption algorithms, tunneling protocols, data encapsulation and more which certainly can vow for your security while being on the internet. This kind of security and data encryption is not available in a proxy server; a major difference between the both!

Advantages Of Using A VPN Software

Compared to a proxy server, a VPN software has its own merits..

  • It provides encryption at a much higher level, making it safer for you to use internet and share your personal information.
  • It replaces your original IP address and gives you a new IP address; making it easy to access internet easily.
  • It provides you WiFi security as well, extremely helpful at open WiFi hotspots.
  • Lets you access all blocked websites and content.
  • Safeguards your system from vulnerable malware attacks.
  • Lets you browse internet anonymously.
  • It also helps you to Bypass all internet restrictions.

Disadvantages Of Using A VPN Software

There are only a few disadvantages of a VPN software, which can be ignored since they aren’t worth to be paid attention to:

  • Free versions of a VPN software are ad-supported.
  • Paid versions might not be everybody’s cup of coffee.
  • A VPN’s speed might be bit too slow than a traditional network.

Hopefully, this article has made the difference between the both much more clearer! A VPN software is far more better than a regular proxy server, shielding your overall internet activities and making your experience much sound!

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