Why Do You Need eShield VPN For Your Mac?

Due to the common fact about Mac computers, people assume that their Mac gadgets are safe and protected. They’re least bothered to even think about the security concerns. If you think that your Mac computer is safe and protected, then you’re fooled! eShield VPN for Mac is just the right app you need to secure your device as well as protect your internet activities. The app efficiently encodes all your data; incoming and outgoing over the internet, secures your personal data such as passwords, credit card information and everything else! With eShield VPN on your Mac device you can browse internet with no worries of your web activities getting logged!

In addition to the features discussed above, eShield VPN for Mac ensures that you get a private browsing experience by assigning you a unique US IP address that protects your internet session’s privacy. This feature also ensures that your identity is protected from the government, web hackers and ISPs.

Lets know more benefits of using VPN service.

Protected Internet Session At WiFi HotSpots

Places such as airports, cafes, schools, hotels have an open WiFi system and most of the time this WiFi network isn’t secure at all. Public WiFi hotspots are exposed and susceptible to various kinds of online security threats. The reason behind this is because public WiFi connections are unencrypted and have double the risk of getting attacked by hackers. So incase you feel that getting a free WiFi spot is good for you, then think twice because the data you send or receive via this unencrypted connection is open to get misused. On the contrary, with the use eShield VPN for Mac, you get an encrypted network that secures your internet and data with the help of HTTPS encryption.

Unlock Websites Such As Facebook, Youtube

If you aren’t able to access various websites on your Mac because of the restrictions put on by your network admin, office or school, then you can solve your dilemma easily by the use of eShield VPN for Mac. On your Mac device you can now unlock facebook, youtube, gaming websites and other content that otherwise wasn’t available earlier. Moreover you get free and unrestricted access to the websites of your choice.

Bypass Internet Filters

In some countries, law prohibits people to access specific websites and particular content such as porn. On the other hand, some websites and services restrict their access outside a specific location. So if you live in a place that has these irksome restrictions, then accessing your desirable content over the internet can be quite bothersome. But with the help of eShield VPN you can bypass all the location based internet filters that lets you get unrestricted access to the content that you wish to view. This becomes all the more easy because you get a US IP address which brings you your favorite websites and content by preserving your anonymity.