Why Do You Need eShield VPN For Your iPhone/iPad Device?

People normally consider that smartphones aren’t prone of malicious threats and hacks. What they don’t consider is the fact that whenever one uses their iPad, iPhone or any iOS enabled device, you perpetually advertise your device for open security threats. Skilled hackers can easily check these open networks to get hold of your unsafe data that gets transferred. Since this data is highly confidential and hackers can smoothly use this sensitive data.

eShield VPN for iPhone is a powerful service that safeguards you and your data against all the possible threats that come around with the use of internet. It basically puts your data in an encrypted tunnel that is fully secured; this action secures your data from the data theft that is very much easy at public WiFi hotspots. And what else you need when you get extra protection for your iPhone and iPad from all sorts of malware.

While you browse internet with the peace of mind, there are still more benefits of using VPN service. Lets know more about them.

Access Blocked Websites

Since its obvious that many websites and specific content is restricted based either on locations or based on government restriction. It gets extremely bothersome for not being able to access these websites. While you may struggle to access these websites, you will not be able to bypass the restrictions, such as location based IP blocking, until you use eShield VPN for iPhone. With this service you’ll be free to gain access to any website across the world and that too from any location.

Speedy VPN For iPhone And iPad

eShield VPN for iPhone has all the required software, hardware and a channel of networks that is needed to give you a speedy VPN service. This way you get fast and speedy VPN for your iPhone and iPad. Since we give you direct service, you don’t have to worry about any third party services slowing down your VPN connection. Hence you get a speedy and trustworthy VPN.

Save Money

With a constant hike on data use by network providing companies, it gets difficult to keep up with the data usage and save money. But with VPN service in your iPhone you can curb the high data charges. This is made possible by the use of secured web servers; when the data passes through them, it gets constricted and compressed which makes it possible for you to access double the amount of data but at the same bandwidth and price. Imagine the amount of money you can save by simply switching onto a secure VPN service such as eShield VPN for iPhone. Moreover you can also keep a check on the amount of data used and your data savings with the unique feature of this app.