VPN For Android

Why Do You Need eShield VPN For Your Android Device?

eShield VPN is now available for your Android device. Just like its desktop version, eShield VPN for Android makes it easy for you to safeguard your privacy, identity and access different websites that might be blocked or restricted. It basically helps you to browse the Web anonymously.

When one opts for VPN, there are so many possibilities for the user to get benefitted from! For instance, if you choose eShield VPN then you get so many features. Lets know more about the advantage of using eShield VPN For Android:

Surf Web Anonymously

Its not easy to hide your internet sessions from ISPs or hackers, but if you use a VPN then you can manage the privacy of your internet session. eShield VPN for Android app effectively hides your IP address, this in turn protects you from your ISP and hackers. We do not record any of your web activities, which is a very common practice by ISPs, hence you can be assured that all your internet activities are kept anonymous. We are dedicated to provide you thorough security and maintain the privacy of your web sessions every time you use internet.

Unlock Any Website

If you’re one of those people who get irked because you can’t access certain websites (reasons can be many – government restrictions, regional restrictions, content based restriction etc), then you can easily help yourself by using eShield VPN for Android. This service helps to unblock any website, by bypassing the internet filters which gives access to all the websites that you want to visit. This is made easy by turning on to a remote US IP address.

Accessing websites such as Youtube and Facebook from your office or schools on your Android has become easy; all because of VPN. The service helps to bypass the firewalls and internet filter that are normally set by your network administrator in order to restrict the content you might want to view.

Complete Internet Protection

While surfing internet, you never know how your personal information might get misused or even your internet activities might get recorded. There are way too many unethical ways people can get your information and you may turn out to be a victim! Internet spies, hackers and botnets easily benefit from unencrypted internet connection. eShield VPN service helps you to hide your IP address from this eavesdropping and saves your personal information and your identity.

Save Money

With a hike on data bandwidth price, especially if you’re travelling abroad can be quite bothersome. But when you use eShield VPN service, you can easily save a lot of money by avoiding the increase in data price. At the price of same bandwidth, you can easily download double the amount of data by using eShield VPN’s advanced technology that compresses the data. This technology can easily save you a lot of bucks while you’re travelling abroad in countries that charge a lot for the data. Since this service also gives you the feature to monitor your browsing session, you can easily see how much data you have used during your internet session.

Get Secure WiFi For Android

Normally all public WiFi spots are unprotected. Whatever information gets sent over a public WiFi connection is prone to get misused because its a public network. The information sent over this connection is very much available and accessible for any user. If you travel often and use your Android smartphone to connect with public WiFi hotspots such as coffee shops, airports, hotels etc, then eShield VPN app for Android is extremely useful and handy for you to safeguard your web browsing session. Even after securing WiFi with the use of password, it is very much easy for any accomplished hacker to break into it. Since there’s no point of securing the public WiFi, it makes more sense to encrypt the data you send over the web by using eShield.