Why Do You Need eShield VPN to Unblock Websites?

When you wish to get rid of the internet restrictions put on various websites by your network admin, the only solution to do is by the use of Website Unblocker. eShield VPN is by far the exclusive website unblocker that easily circumvent and avoids all firewalls, restrictions and filters that are put on either by your network admin or by local laws; you can freely access all your favorite websites and the content at the ‘restricted’ places such as school, office, library and so on. Also, it is very useful when you’re travelling because certain websites might not be available at such locations. Use our VPN service to instantly unblock Youtube, unblock Facebook and basically unblock all websites.

eShield VPN is absolutely free to download and use as it doesn’t require any special permissions to run or install on your device. Simply install it on your device from our website and use it to unblock websites and access your favorite websites and content securely.

Apart from the benefits discussed above, there are more advantages that you can enjoy with our VPN service.

  • Browse Internet Anonymously – With the help of any proxy, you can unblock any website. But what a proxy lacks is the round off security and protection that you need while you’re browsing session. On the contrary, eShield VPN service secures your data through the process of encryption and also it hides your IP address from potential snoopers such as your very own ISP, hackers, spammers and so on. With such level of protection, you can easily surf internet anonymously with your original IP address hidden and replaced by a unique IP address belonging to one of our servers in U.S.

  • It’s widely known, and usually a common method of ISPs to keep a track of your internet activities. These activities can range anywhere from your download history to the websites you visit. But when you use eShield VPN, your original IP address substituted by an IP that lets you access internet anonymously.

    P.S : Your privacy and identity protection is our prime concern. Hence, we do not keep a log of your internet activities.

  • Bypass Internet Filters And Restrictions – Accessing websites might be very difficult especially when one is travelling. While traveling, one may get restrictions on various websites (restrictions put on by the country law, or local laws) and even if you’re successful in accessing these, then you might be levied heavily on your internet charges. Therefore, in order to access the restricted websites without having to pay double the amount of data that you use, it’s best to use eShield VPN service. As our user, you can easily get through any kind of restrictions and access the blocked website.

    The reason why you need VPN to skip these kind of restrictions is because when one travels, there can be a lot many kind of constraints and checks, for e.g. location based filters that recognize your location via your IP address and in result it blocks those websites. So when you use eShield VPN, you’re assigned with one of our U.S IP address that lets you to freely access any website that you want to!

  • Protection From Malware – It is crucially important to safeguard your system as well as your personal data from the malicious softwares, generally known as malware. Malware, usually lets the hackers get your important data such as credit card numbers, passwords and so on! Use eShield VPN software to get protection from malware and certain other attacks.

    • eShield VPN is a free software, but you can get Elite Version which is free from advertising.