How To Unblock Facebook

Facebook is by far the largest online social networking website that gives people the freedom to connect with their friends, family and colleagues. But irony as it may seem, Facebook is restricted at a lot of places such as offices, schools and few countries because of laws, filters and other restrictions. How can one bypass the internet filters and restrictions to access Facebook?

Facebook can be unblocked by the use of a VPN service which makes it less cumbersome for you to approach and freely use the said website. Lets dig it more:

Why Should You Use eShield VPN To Unblock Facebook?

eShield VPN signifies the liberty of using Internet without having to compromise with any features that otherwise may get imposed on a administered internet connection. With the help of this service, you can easily access any website, any content that you wish to view. eShield VPN is the utmost and incomparable Facebook Unblocker which makes it very easy for you to circumvent the filters and access Facebook anyplace and anywhere; be it a school or your office!

Apart from being able to unblock Facebook, there are several other benefits you get with our service such as:

  • Secured WiFi – eShield VPN secures your WiFi connection at public WiFi hotspots by creating an encrypted connection between your device and the internet. By doing so, your crucial data gets safeguarded by the process of encryption. Also, a secured WiFi makes sure that anybody on an unguarded WiFi connection won’t be able to track down your activities.

  • Anonymous Web Surfing – eShield VPN masks your IP address that lets you to browse internet anonymously. Your internet activities are safe and hidden from the hackers and potential ISP trackers. (P.s. We do not log your internet activities).

  • Malware Protection – The best part about using eShield VPN is that we make sure that apart from getting your identity, data and internet browsing secured, you get an allround security from the possibly infected websites too. If you access an infected website, you’ll be alerted for the same.

  • eShield VPN is compatible on wired as well as wireless connection on Mac, iOS, PCs and Androids.