Turkey Blocked YouTube: What’s Next Now?

Just a week after Twitter’s Ban in Turkey, YouTube has been blocked by authorities covering it up as a precautionary act, after audio recordings of senior officials talking about a possible military operation in Syria, was uploaded to the video sharing website. The ban was officially confirmed by Telecommunications Authority (TIB), however sources said that the ban would be lifted from the website if the “content” would be removed.

While this may not be the first time when YouTube has been blocked in Turkey. Way back in 2007, YouTube was shut down by a Turkish Court after a bunch of offensive videos against the founder of Turkey were uploaded to the site.

Scandals, videos, audios – nothing seems like coming to an end, and to make it more grotesque, the Government of Turkey is taking it as a national security threat. Seems like freedom of expression is not Turkey’s thing – or at least the republic of Turkey can’t enjoy it because more and more social media platforms are likely to come under radar for scrutiny!

How To Access YouTube In Turkey?

Even though, the easiest thing for Government of Turkey to do right now might be to ban a few websites, that doesn’t cools down the heat that is already there. Just a few days left for election, the country might have banned two social media websites, Mr. Erdogan still continues to blame the websites for everything.

Rules will be rules, but thanks to softwares such as eShield VPN people were able to unblock Twitter and carried on with their tweets. With the presence of such powerful technology, nothing would keep the censorship for long, as people are still able to use Twitter.

If you want to unblock YouTube, try changing your DNS Settings. For example, Turkish users broadcasted an alternative DNS address i.e┬áto use Twitter. But if you’ve already installed a VPN software, you’re probably smart enough and working one step ahead!

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