How to keep your mobile data safe from mCrime?

A smart thief will surely go for your Smartphone to access your personal information like your bank accounts, your social account, money, etc. Few people think that they are not capable to block a crime, which involve their Smartphone’s, but it happens to even highly educated people. Mobile crimes such as, Spying your Cell Phones, Data Hack etc. are considered as the biggest threat in this modern world and to protect yourself and your mobile phone from these crimes is, even a big deal.

Well, if you really want to protect your mobile data from the ongoing mCrime, then to keep these things in your mind will not surely take a high IQ -

  • Before your Smartphone go in the wrong hands, better protect it with a tough and strong password like 47%R$PU instead of using 789hot. It’s just a matter of one or two minutes. Doing so, you will be able to protect your mobile data, if by chance, you misplace your Smartphone. Even, it would be better for you to change your password periodically.
  • As you know, the world is full of smart and experienced hackers. A single password would not be work for more than one account. So, use a different password for every single account
  • Before you misplace your cell phone, make sure that it has a locator. Adding a layer of protection with the help of remote wipe capability will in turn helps you to protect your mobile data from ongoing mobile threats.
  • Take a backup of your mobile data regularly
  • Do you have any idea that a hacker can find out the exact location of your home and workplace with the help of photos you upload in the cyberspace? They are geo-tagged, but you can easily disable this feature
  • The time, you are not using your phone, please keep it disconnected from the Internet
  • And, when you are connected to the cyber land, don’t visit bank and other places, as it contains sensitive and personal information about you. But, in case, you just have to visit these places, you can run a program known as eShield VPN. This program will encipher all your personal information over the Internet
  • While surfing over the Internet, if you come across the picture of a cute baby girl or a handsome dude, think twice before clicking on the photograph. Because, that photo might redirect you to a malicious website, which will in turn download a mobile virus to your Smartphone
  • Suppose you have received an email from your bank or from an unknown person and that email contains a link. Instead of clicking that link directly, It’s better to use a password manager or to copy that link and open it into the browser

And yes, last but not the least, regularly update your Smart phones! As cyber attacks emerge, regularly updating keep these holes close. With the help of open hole, a hacker can enter into your phone and access to all your personal information like your account number, address, phone number etc.