Top 6 Tips To Get A Grand Experience Of Sochi Winter Olympics!

Sochi Winter Olympics have already commenced, and it is assumed that great mass of sports lover will turn up in Sochi, Russia to be a part of this event.  If you also planned to be a spectator of all events, then here’s a list of top 6 tips to get a grandeur experience of Sochi Winter Olympics!

6. Prepare Your Travel Documents In Advance

For all the people travelling to Russia, it’s necessary to have a valid passport with a minimum six months validity period. If your passport isn’t updated, then you can get it done right on the time of the confirmation of your ticket purchase. This is valid for Olympics spectators only. However for more information you can visit Russian Embassy Website to know how you can obtain your visa.

One must ensure that their passports are revised and you have all your backup documents ready with you; in case of any emergency, embassy will inform the contacts that you have provided in the emergency information page. Don’t rely solely on your Olympics tickets to get you through the Olympic park, you need to have a spectator pass as well. The spectator pass can be obtained by applying online or you can even get it from the  five registration centers based in Sochi, Krasnodar and Moscow.

When you have reached Russia, keep all your travel documents close to yourself, but in a safe place. This is because local authorities, such as police officers and security guards may stop you for a security check, so you need to keep all your important documents with you.

5. Be A Part Of STEP

STEP, or The Smart Traveler Enrollment Program will keep you updated with all the safety aspects and required information one might need when they reach Russia. This program is absolutely free to register with; you can fill in your information, details about your overseas residence or accommodation address, subscribe to the latest travel alerts, warnings etc. They also have a free SMART Traveler app to go along with this program, you can stay updated with every information from your mobile. However don’t forget to choose “Moscow” as your Local Consulate when you register online with STEP.

4. Get Health Consent & Medical Insurance

Whenever travelling abroad (well not necessary only to Sochi Winter Olympics!) one must take prior health consent and update their medical insurance. Since Sochi is hosting such a grand event for the first time, you must be prepared well in advance to manage your medical emergencies; we don’t want to scare you! Moreover, many parts of Russia might not even meet the basic Medical care as expected by the Western Travelers. Therefore, keep your medical insurance and other policies covered up so that you don’t face any problem later on.

3. Carry Right Outfits

Sochi experiences a relatively warm February; but don’t belittle the cold of Russia. The temperature can easily swing and change; the best way to stay safe according to the weather is by dressing up in layers; this will let you take off some layers if the weather gets warm. Moreover if you are an American, then try not to wear anything related to your flag, i.e. Red, White & Blue. A special request has been made to American athletes for the same to maintain their security, seems like a safe option for the American fans as well.

2. Use A VPN Software

A VPN software would be the best app for you to access internet while you travel abroad. It would benefit you by encrypting all your internet activities, would secure your identity, privacy and data. Also it is incredibly useful when you use an open WiFi network, because it will stream your private data through an encrypted tunnel. This ensures that none of your data gets stolen by anybody in that open network.

To stay protected from cyber criminals, hackers, ISP’s and local government authorities, it’s recommended to use a VPN software such as eShield VPN app. This software will ensure that your IP address as well as your data stays safe while you browse internet. Also it will take care of your bandwidth usage, thus saving you a lot of money. Additionally, it protects your system from malware, viruses, and other such malicious stuff too!

Another benefit of using a VPN while travelling is that it lets you to view content such as HULU, Netflix, Pandora etc. You won’t have to worry about not being able to view the content you wish to, instead with the help of a VPN server, you can easily unblock any website easily. You can also get rid of internet restrictions to get through the internet censorship.

1. Stay Updated With Sochi 2014 Website

All the events of Sochi Winter Olympics, 2014 are listed on Sochi 2014 Website. If you don’t want to miss out on any event, then you must follow this website. All the current and scheduled events, results, news, images, videos, tickets etc are promptly mentioned on the website. All the latest information will be updated, so don’t forget to check it!

These tips will surely help you to get the most out of your experience at Sochi Winter Olympics 2014!

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