Why Should You Use eShield VPN While Browsing Internet?

While browsing internet using a public WiFi, anybody using the same network connection can easily tap your internet activities. Whether you are at office, school, or library, your IT admins can easily track your internet browsing habits and know what you do when you’re online. Similarly on public WiFi hotspots, your internet browsing is very much vulnerable and least private. WiFi connections are very much accessible and pose the risk of getting broken in.

On the contrary, public WiFi hotspots are an open source for hackers and such entities to steal your identity, your personal information and related data. Despite of password protection, even home WiFi connections are breakable.

If you use a VPN software on your device, then you half of your troubles end there! With a VPN service such as eShield’s, you get private and secure internet browsing experience that will be equally beneficial when you browse the web either via internet or WiFi.

Other than Private Internet Browsing, you also get lots of other benefits with eShield VPN. Lets have a look at these..

  • It Masks your IP address – Whenever you visit a website, it stores the details of your activities on different pages of the website, as well as your IP address. This is an indirect infringement with your privacy and anybody who’s concerned with their online privacy, would not like it. eShield VPN effectively hides your IP address from ISPs and hackers, thus protecting you and your device from all sorts of harms.

  • It Encodes your Internet Data – eShield VPN creates a tunnel between your device and the server, thus encrypting your internet traffic which results in secured data. All of the data sent through this tunnel is fully secured and never gets compromised at any point.

  • It safeguards your device – eShield VPN’s major task is to protect your system from any kind of malware and malicious softwares found all over internet. It effectively blocks these malwares and keeps your system in a healthy condition.