7 Tips For Keeping Your Laptop Safe While Travelling

With an increase in digital attacks, we need to consider the fact that internet is one unforgettable element of our lives now that we hardly can do one day without it, and if certain measures are not taken to ensure our safety online, we may very well end up being a victim of internet scams. If you travel a lot and carry your laptop everywhere, you need to make sure that your laptop is safe and secure as you hop around.

1. Pack It Right

Its extremely important to pack your laptop right. Whether you opt in for a leather laptop bag or a laptop backpack, it’s sleeve and inner compartment meant to house laptop should be well padded and should provide enough protection. Moreover, it would be bonus if it is waterproof (or at least water resistant!) and has extra compartments to throw in other stuff such as laptop charger, documents, files etc.

Tip: If it pours down, it’s recommended to carry a plastic zip lock bag (big enough to place your laptop inside it) just in case you don’t rely on your bag’s water proof claim.

2. Don’t Leave It Unattended

Just don’t, no matter what happens, just don’t ever part from your laptop. This is, however important while you are out in public. If you’re alone and, for instance need to relieve yourself, carry it along yourself to the restroom. Don’t fall back from thinking your laptop as a small baby of yours.

3. Use Hotel’s Safe

While you intend to go out and have some good time with your friends, don’t neglect and leave your laptop back in the room. If possible, then carry it with you, if not then leave it in your room’s closet and lock it. If you don’t have a closet, then keep it safely somewhere in the room and make sure you place the “do not disturb sign” hanging on the doorknob. If nothing works for you, better place your laptop in Hotel’s safe.

4. Don’t Be Helpful

Duhhh! You don’t have to be nice and helpful to almost anyone; don’t let them use your laptop even if it seems like an urgent situation. Even if you have to, then let them use it in front of you. Never let them plug in anything in your laptop, for example a USB drive.

5. Register Your Laptop With Anti-Theft Tracking Service

It makes sense to register your laptop with an anti-theft service, which is capable of tracking your system in case it gets stolen or lost during your trip. You can get your laptop registered with them as a preventive measure just to ensure that your laptop is trackable when needed.

6. Get A Laptop Cable Lock

A laptop cable lock offers a standard level of protection to your laptop by securing it to an immovable object to decrease the theft chances in case you’re away from it. It’s quite similar to a bike lock, has a key lock or a combination lock. There are plenty of laptop cable locks available online.

7. Use A VPN Software

While you may have come across the term VPN, it is an exceptional concept of securing one’s internet browsing experience. VPN stands for Virtual private network, and gives an allround protection to you as you browse internet, secure and encrypts all your data and protects your browsing especially on open WiFi hotspots such as hotels, airports, coffee houses etc.

The software covers up all your security issues from within and you will be protected from all kinds of malware threats too! We suggest you to use eShield VPN software when you’re on the go!

These were 7 useful tips to ensure your laptop’s safety as you travel around. Keep it safe!

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