How To Watch Sochi Olympics Easily With BBC iPlayer

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A few days after Sochi Olympics started, people have restored the Twitter hashtag #NBCfail that was a result of their poor performance in the previous season. NBC got knocked out after they had to deal with a lot of denunciation for its inefficient coverage for Summer Olympics held in 2012. The aftermath was, people turned to Twitter to get rid of their frustrations. Similarly it has become a common scene for sport lovers to bash the popular TV Network for their less than average efficacy in covering the event.

People have even signed up online petition to revoke the broadcast rights from NBC TV network, not to forget the revived Twitter hashtag #NBCfail and unlimited fresh complaints. It’s safe to say that NBC paid more attention in earning more money instead of providing their viewers with a good quality coverage of Olympics. Lets have a look at the major complaints people had with their performance:

  • Exaggerated & irritating commentary by the hosts – Meredith Viera and Matt Lauer
  • Interference with Live coverage by popping up ads every now and then
  • No live coverage of the opening ceremony of the event

What About Sochi Olympics Coverage?

As far as watching the live opening ceremony of Sochi Winter Olympics is concerned, it has already been done! The most annoying part of NBC is that it didn’t stream the ceremony live online, also it broadcasted it quite late in USA. What people don’t know is the fact that NBC has privileged rights to cover up Olympics till 2020, which means NBC would not only cover up the Sochi Winter Olympics this year, but the rest of the Olympics as well. The only question popping up in this situation is that, would NBC work on improving their coverage quality and performance? Would they bother about the recent issues cropping up and rectifying them asap? Well, we don’t think they would as long as they have a strong backing of funds and advertisers.

If you aren’t satisfied with NBC’s coverage of Sochi Winter Olympics, then you can try the other best alternative – switching onto BBC’s Coverage of Olympics with the help of their BBC iPlayer. BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) have streamed the Live Opening Ceremony with far more remarkable coverage as compared to NBC’s. Reason behind BBC’s better performance and expected performance is that it is funded with viewer’s fees.

BBC’s iPlayer is an internet media streaming service and software app, provided to give live and video oriented content to cover up entire TV shows. ┬áSince BBC is a British public service broadcasting statutory corporation, people with a U.K’s IP address will be able to access this live television service.

How To Watch Sochi Olympics Easily With BBC iPlayer?

Fortunately, there’s a very simple way to watch Sochi Winter Olympics using BBC iPlayer. Using a VPN service will easily help you to get in touch with a VPN server based in U.K. What this does is that it will assign you a U.K based IP address, that will make it easy for you to access BBC iPlayer service without having to worry about your actual GPS location.

Since you access BBC iPlayer using a U.K based IP, you will have unrestricted access to watch the content you want to. Moreover you will be able to secure your privacy, identity and data. The best VPN we’d suggest is, eShield VPN Elite Version┬áthat offers complete access to U.K IP address and keeps up with steady connection.

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