How to keep your Online Photos secured?

Secure Your Online PhotosTo be on social networking sites, is considered as a status symbol in our daily lives. If you have not made your existence over the Internet, people feel like you are nothing! Somehow, you have managed to create your existence on popular social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Linked in etc. The next thing people want you to remains update over these sites. You can stay updated by sharing your photos etc.

While sharing your own photos over the social networking sites, you need to follow some of the tips, if you want to keep yourself and secure your online photos from being hacked. There are so many things that can go wrong with your one photo, once; your photos go in wrong hands. So, here are some of the tips that you should follow

  • Don’t share your personal picture everywhere

    While sharing pictures over the Internet, one thing you should keep in mind is, you should not post your pictures on each and every online social networking site or at any other place. It’s not safe at all.

  • Avoid the Cloud

    Photos that are being stored in the cloud service can be hacked easily because the cloud service usually synchronizes your data with several devices. So, chances of getting hacked are more.

  • Use two factor authentication

    Using a service that posses two factor authentication is considered quite safe and reliable. It will require a hacker to know one time personal identification code (PIN) that will be sent on your mobile phones, if they want to access your personal accounts. However, two factor authentication is not a default option; you need to look it out. If you are using a service that requires two factor authentication, then you should not worry about storing your photos there.

  • Lock your mobile phones with passwords

    Have you ever thought that your mobile phones also require protection and security? Well, the answer is, yes! Our mobile phones carry our personal information, accounts, photos and other related things. And if your mobile phones are locked with passwords, you need not to worry, if it gets lost or stolen by thieves. The finder of your mobile phones won’t be able to see your photographs.

  • Use Passphrase instead of Passwords

    People usually say that you should use long and strong passwords for your personal accounts for more privacy and security. Well, we are not saying that you will not get any benefits of using long and strong passwords. But, just think of using passphrase instead of passwords for once. For example – the passphrase “I take 2 biscuits in breakfast” can be used as “iT2biscuitsIb”. Doesn’t it sound more interesting? No hacker can given guess these kinds of passwords and will give automatically more security.

  • Your Wi-Fi Connection should be strong

    While uploading your pictures, you need to make sure that you have a very strong Wi-Fi connection. The data being shared through Unsecured and unencrypted Wi-Fi, can be detected by the hackers very easily. In order to protect your personal photos, you can use eShield VPN to lock and encipher your data.