How To Delete Yourself From Internet

If you are seeking to dodge internet and go MIA for a while, you must know that once you delete yourself from internet, you can’t undo it! Wiping out your presence from internet may not be an absolute solution, but you can certainly remove most of it! So lets find out how you can delete your digital past and vanish from the internet…

But before you start the process of removing your presence, question yourself why you want to vanish, what reasons you have in first place to disappear? Ask yourself whether the information related to your presence is personal or professional, what would be the consequences if you walk away from internet?

Have you figured out how you would be able to delete yourself from internet? To start with, you need to check which social media sites you use the most – for instance, the most used websites by an average person is Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn. Fortunately, these websites give you the provision to delete your profiles without prompting you to stick to them!

Which Accounts To Delete?

In order, you should cover up all your accounts and see which accounts need to be deleted. It’s not necessary that you would remember every account you ever made, still check this list of websites:

  • Twitter

  • Facebook

  • LinkedIn

  • YouTube

  • MySpace

  • Flickr

  • StumbleUpon

  • PayPal

  • eBay

  • Gaming websites

  • Dating Websites

  • Online forums

Delete Your Facebook Account

In order to deactivate your facebook account temporarily, go to your account settings, click the security option and deactivate your account. Deactivating the account would help you to briefly go off the place, and in case your mind changes, you can activate your account again and use it like you never vanished. But if you have to delete the account permanently, then simply hit the blue button that says “Delete My Account”.

Delete Your LinkedIn Account

If you want to close your LinkedIn account, simply login to your account and open the “Account & Settings” tab. From it, choose Privacy & Settings, then Account and finally “Close your account” option. This will delete your LinkedIn account.

Delete Your Twitter Account

It’s very easy to delete one’s twitter account. To do so, go to your account settings, followed by “Deactivate my account” option. This will help you to delete your twitter account, however you get a 30 day period to activate the account, just in case you wish to use it back.

Delete Your Google+ Account

If you want to remove your information that is available to public, simply click your email address, or name, i.e on the right upper corner. From there open “account management”, followed by “Delete profile”, and finally Delete profile and all the related Google+ content. This will help you remove the information that was open to public.

However, if you wish to delete your Google+ account, simply click Delete Google Profile. This will delete your Google+ profile, but you will be able to use your Google mail, i.e. Gmail.

What About Other Accounts?

Apart from these major 4 platforms, there is a higher chance that your information still exists over internet in some way. We have made a list of other platforms as well, go through them just in case something clicks your mind:-

  • Delete Your Blogs & Websites: It is highly possible that you might be an owner of a popular blog or a website. If this is the case, its obvious that most of your information is all over the internet. You can’t do anything for this…
  • Unsubscribe From Mail Services: If you want to delete your email accounts as well, make sure you unsubscribe from the mailing lists that you had subscribed to earlier. Unsubscribing is fairly simple, as the option to unsubscribe is always provided in the bottom of these emails.
  • Delete Your Email Accounts: Going for this option is serious, because you must consider that an email account is like your internet address where you get all the important mails, notifications, invites and so on! Moreover, the email accounts have reasonable amount of data that you can’t afford to lose. Still, if you have to go through this, then go through the following list:
      1. Every free email site has it’s own set of instructions such as Gmail, Yahoo. So you will have to to follow these directions in order to delete the account.
      2. If you have not used an email account for quite a long time, chances are it has been wrapped up long ago!
      3. If you had a paid personal mail account, you will have to contact the concerned company admins to get it deleted.
      4. Finally if you have decided to delete the email account, better take backup of all the important emails and other information that was stored in your account.

Cover Up Your Presence Using a VPN

Post deletion of your internet past, its recommended to opt in for a service or a software that helps to conceal your online presence and all your activities. This can be easily done by using a VPN software.

A VPN software will help to protect your privacy, and gives you an optimized way to browse internet secretly. Also, it will mask your IP address and encrypt your internet data, thereby protecting you from hackers, stalkers, and other intercepting entities.

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