Turkey’s Twitter Dilemma: How To Access Twitter In Turkey?

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Long after battling the corruption scandal and threats to shut off Twitter from Turkey, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan managed to restrict the microblogging service on Friday.  All the Twitter users in Turkey reported an outspread interruption in Twitter’s services.

Apparently, the users who tried accessing Twitter were redirected to a statement officially issued by Turkey’s telecommunications regulator. The Statement mentioned the reasons for blocking the service; there were 4 court orders issued. In past couple of weeks, some Twitter users had posted documents and voice recordings supposedly as evidence of Erdogan’s corruption.

Is It A Big Deal?

Well, it might be a big deal for all those users who are addicted to tweeting every day. It’s not just Twitter, but the P.M has somehow vowed to scrape off Twitter (whoa! why so mad?) and other internet giants such as Facebook, Google etc. And if you’re a citizen of Turkey, this might be a big deal. Eventually you might be stripped off from the liberty to use these services; talk about freedom!

I Can’t Tweet!! *Sob*

Are you in Turkey right now? Are you a native of Turkey? If yes, then this might be your condition right now. Even though Twitter’s reps have suggested all the Turkish users to send tweets via SMS service (check out their FAQ here). Though your network carrier will charge you for this, this ain’t free!

I Want To Access Blocked Twitter For Free!

If you want to use Twitter just like you did before the restriction, that too free, then go for a VPN service. A VPN would mask your IP address, giving you a new IP address of U.S. With a new IP address you can easily unblock Twitter and use it freely without any issues.

Moreover, a VPN software will take care of your internet security, privacy and anonymity. You can browse internet hassle free and be in charge of your privacy. Stay Safe & Browse Smartly!

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