How iOS users can protect themselves from the Masque attack?

In the past few weeks, a number of threats of the Masque attack have made big headlines and warning the iOS users of the harmful security flaws. Luckily, it’s not tough to deal with Masque attack. You just need to understand its working and then, apply basic precautions to protect yourself.


What is a Masque Attack?

The Masque attack is basically another method for hackers to target you and to get access to your personal data. A security firm has given the catchy name to this attack, but the basic concept besides this is not at all new. It is simply an approach for hacking your iPhone in which a developer makes an application that looks and behaves like an existing piece of software in your phone. For example – Suppose a hacker create an application that looks like Gmail, but is not actually. This application has the potential to gather all the personal data of the user without him/her realizing that this application is not real.

How it works?

The little bit security flaw in iOS programming allows a Masque attack to perform its functions and hence, matches the certification on applications with the same identifier. After creating an application, it replaces the original application with the fake version of Masque attack, buy with same bundle identifiers.

Majority of people see it as a petty security fault, but recent studies have shown that, it is neither a bug nor a flaw. It is basically how his iOS works. As the operating system is constructed in this way, it is also architected with proper security measures to obstruct the Masque attacks.

In a statement, Apple told to the Telegraph that the OS X and iOS are designed with in-built security shields to protect the users and to give them warning against malicious softwares before they install.

Masque attack will obviously performs its functions, if users itself download an application from an unknown source rather than installing it from the official app store of Apple. And, after installing the app, they willingly click on the warning dialog that pops on their screen.

How to protect yourself?

  • If you really want to protect your Mobile Data from the potential threat of the Masque attack, then the very first thing you need to do is to enlighten yourself about downloading and installing the applications.  Just stick to the official app store for installing any application.
  • iOS will shows a warning alert for the application that are not installed from its app store. You need to give attention to these kinds of alert to avoid the threats of applications.
  • Suppose, you are updating an installed application from the official app store of the iOS and then suddenly, you see the alert of untrusted app developer, you should click on “Don’t trust” and then, cross out the application at that moment.
  • The Masque attack works very effectively and easily via an email link. So, you should not click on the links that you received in your emails and pay attention to the mails you received from the unknown people.