Hide your IP Address

In the virtual world of Internet, there are indeed certain people who are after the real deal – they want to steal your personal data and monitor all your online activities; perhaps make a lot of money by using all that information of yours! Yes, internet is full of scammers, hackers and spammers: they exist only for one reason and that is to use your information and rob you off!

One can’t even rely on their ISP (Internet Service Providers) as they tend to keep full record of all your internet based activities. They keep a track of all the URL that pass through them, also in some countries it’s mandatory to allow law enforcement agencies (intelligence agencies as well!) to monitor all or some information that gets transmitted by the ISP. Though it might really be important for the welfare of all, many consider it as breaking in their privacy.

If all of this intervention annoys you, you must know that there are better options available for you to protect your internet browsing, privacy and identity. All you need to do is download eShield VPN software. The benefit of using this software is that it acts as an IP hider which makes it easy for you to change the IP address or mask it. The software secures your web browsing, hides your IP address and thus protects your protect & privacy.

Another interesting use of using eShield VPN is that it lets you omit all the internet filters, firewalls which results in unblocked websites. This way you can unblock any website from anywhere in the world. Despite being at school, office or in any foreign country that restrains you from visiting certain websites, then you can easily access all your favorite websites by using our eShield VPN software.

How Does eShield VPN Software Hide your IP address?

Every IP address is unique and exclusively assigned to each computer by the respective ISP. Your IP address is prone of being misused by hackers, as they are capable of using your IP address and track you. But if you can hide your IP address, then you make your internet session much more secure by protecting your privacy. Whenever you connect to internet with the help of eShield VPN software, your computer gets assigned a new and unique IP address belonging to United States of America. As you get a new IP address, you can easily surf the internet anonymously and stay away from hackers and scammers.

eShield VPN basically changes the IP address of your computer by substituting it with an IP address that belongs to one of our many servers. The benefit of getting a new US IP address is that you can browse internet anonymously, just like a user will surf internet while being in United States. The best part of using this service is that eShield VPN never tracks or record any of your internet activities, also the hackers are never able to track you or your computer via IP address.