How To Bypass Internet Censorship In Saudi Arabia?

If you’re a citizen of a country that doesn’t put restrictions on internet access or censors any part of it, you should be really thankful! Because, believe it or not, there are many countries across the globe whose citizens suffer from internet censorship. For e.g. Saudi Arabia’s government subjects entire international internet traffic via a proxy that has filters in it. Is it bad? Well, Saudi Arabia is one of those countries that has freedom of the press, so all in all, it isn’t bad!

On the other hand, websites which are related to porn, or websites having questionable content (religion and politics being the dominant one’s!) are often regarded highly inappropriate and outrageous, especially by Saudi Arabia Government. Hence, internet censorship isn’t a big deal there.

Often internet censorship is achieved by content filtering, lets know more about it.

What Is Content Filtering?

Content filtering is basically done by using a program to scan and block access or the availability of web pages, websites and content which might be offensive. This process is achieved by the use of a software which is made to control what content the internet viewers can access. Content filtering is a common phenomenon and is majorly done by ISPs, offices, schools, government and Parents who wish to ban content over internet.

On the contrary, internet censorship is totally different concept. lets know more about it..

What Is Internet Censorship?

Internet censorship, as defined by Wikipedia, says that its the process of controlling or suppressing the content which may be accessed, published or viewed on the internet. This process can be carried out by organizations, government agencies etc. According to CNET, Saudi Arabia warned to ban various famous apps and services which were used for internet video calls, chats and unlimited messaging. The reason to block these apps was because these were not in accordance with the Country’s administrative requirements. These apps were WhatsApp, Viber and Skype.

How To Bypass Internet Censorship?

Use a VPN service to bypass internet restrictions, simple as that! Internet censorship and content filtering might not be your thing, but luckily VPN software such as eShield VPN takes care of censorship and lets you to unblock website from anywhere. VPN service creates a protected tunnel between your device and the VPN server which is remotely located. This VPN server has unlimited and unrestricted access to the internet; you can access any website or content you want to visit. This server accesses the requested content on your behalf and sends you back the content through the protected tunnel.

One may find that while travelling abroad, the local ISPs or the government agencies have set up location based internet restrictions, which blocks access to various internet services, content and websites. While these restrictions might be put on because of various reasons, these actually prevents the users from accessing the blocked websites and other content, especially while you’re travelling. To get your way around from this situation, use eShield VPN.

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