Benefits of VPN

VPN, virtual private network is an advanced technology that lets the users to efficiently encrypt the data and secure it over weak and unencrypted networks, such as open WiFi spot. Apart from giving you complete private and protected internet browsing experience, a perfect VPN service, such as eShield VPN gives much more! VPN is far more better than just a internet proxy because it gives complete protection while one browses internet, thus securing your online privacy.

eShield VPN is the most reliable VPN software which is suitable for all platforms such as Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows and Mac.

Benefits of eshield VPN

  • Anonymous Web Surfing - Everybody wants to secure their online privacy and not give into various risks involved with vulnerable internet browsing, that’s why a lot of people wish to browse internet anonymously. eShield VPN builds an encrypted tunnel between your system and our web server to let you browse internet freely – without worrying about somebody tracking your activities, or stealing your information or spying you!
  • Hide IP Address - Internet is full of people ready to snatch every single bit of your precious information, monitor your activities and pretend to be you (identity theft!) – all when you’re least cautious while browsing internet. But if you use eShield VPN, you can easily trick hackers, spammers, ISPs by replacing your original IP address with a brand new IP address belonging to one of our US based servers; making it easy for you to browse internet privately.
  • Unblock Websites - You can easily unblock facebook, unblock twitter, unblock Youtube, or any website at places where these have been blocked. eShield VPN easily bypasses internet filters and firewalls which are set by your network admin, hence making it possible for you access any website you want to!
  • WiFi Security - If you’re a travel buff and sometime you have to rely on public WiFi to access internet, then you know the pain of using such a weak and vulnerable internet. The real risk gets ignored when one really has to depend on a public wifi, i.e. extreme possibility of somebody monitoring that network and stealing your information. On the contrary if you use a VPN service then you can easily secure all your internet activities incog by getting full WiFi security.
  • Secured & Private Browsing - eShield VPN gives you an extended level of internet security and keeps you sane as you browse internet securely. It easily encrypts all your data that gets streamed via your system; your personal data such as passwords, credit card details, emails, chats and much more! Your personal information gets protected from all kinds of prowlers!
  • Malware Protection - eShield VPN keeps your system protected from all kinds of malware and malicious softwares. While browsing internet if you come across an infected websites, it will get blocked and you will be alerted.
  • Data Compression - If you’re worried about your internet bill rising, or perhaps the data roaming charges burn a hole in your pocket, then you should switch to eShield VPN service. This software will easily compress the data which then flow through our protected servers, just so you could get double the content of data at the same bandwidth price. You can save a lot of money, especially if you travel a lot.