Why Surf the Web Anonymously?

Steven Wright wrote, “ It’s like the Wild West, the Internet. There are no rules.” and no doubt thats true. On one hand internet is a different world, full of information that is so vast and true, sometimes misleading, sometimes icebreaking. Though we get equal chance to view the content, share our views and most importantly communicate virtually, we can’t ignore the risks involved with it.

Surfing internet leaves a lot of marks and traces of your personal information; its like a stream that can be easily tracked and monitored by ISP, network admin or government law agencies.

How Are You Vulnerable?

You are easily accessible through your IP address, because every website that you visit keeps your information, i.e. your online identity and the information associated with it. This information is easily accessible by the hackers who can steal it easily from your computer via your own IP address. Imagine the loss one can have if this information gets into wrong hands – you could end up being a victim of identity theft, or scam, or maybe all your money might get wiped off.

How To Surf Net Anonymously?

Anonymous Web Surfing and online privacy protection is extremely important, therefore if you want to maintain these then one must start using a VPN service such as eShield VPN.

VPN service easily provides you with secure ways to surf web anonymously. With it you can privately explore internet without having to risk your online identity and security; all because of the advanced VPN technology. This technology helps to hide your IP address which is done by creating an encoded tunnel between the host device and the servers.

Benefits Of Using eShield VPN

Due to the advanced technology of using an encrypted tunnel that hides your IP address, you get to surf internet anonymously. This, in turn prevents your IP from getting tracked and the information from being stolen by hackers. Also your crucial data is always protected while you’re using public WiFi.

Overall, with a VPN service at your disposal you get a secured and anonymous web surfing session which ensures that any website you visit, can be done easily without having to worry about your IP address getting tracked or personal information getting stolen. eShield VPN service protects your identity and data while you’re using a public WiFi at open hotspots.