5 Perks Of Using VPN While Accessing Blocked Websites!

Internet is booming with new websites coming up now and then, increasing the number of internet users. Even on the go, people are always connected to this huge network; be it office, home, hospital, cafe, or while they’re driving. Internet has oodles of uses and how it serves us daily is just awesome!

Almost every user of internet, irrespective of their age, benefits from internet. People use internet to carry out their business, stay in contact with family, friends and acquaintance, learn, research and much more. However, every good thing has a bad part (slightly bad!). Across the globe, people suffer from not being able to access internet because of internet restrictions and ban on certain content, this is really disappointing!

Getting past blocked websites was a tough job a couple of years back, but with advancement in technology we have better solutions to access blocked websites. Many prefer using a proxy server, while others rely solely on a VPN software because the former one isn’t reliable or safe.

What Is A VPN?

A VPN is a much more simpler and a clever option for people who want to access all the blocked websites, which might be banned in their region/country due to any reason. It isn’t a complicated thing, just a private network technology which is used to access the public or private network.

How Different Is VPN?

It basically helps by interchanging an internet user’s IP address with one of its owned IP address, which gives the user liberty to browse internet anonymously without compromising their security. If you wish to get past these filters and firewalls, you may opt for a VPN service. Finding a right VPN service can be a tedious job itself!

Advantages Of Using VPN To Access Blocked Websites

  1. It is your quintessential tool to maintain your internet anonymity.
  2. It gives you an encrypted tunnel to transfer and share your data online.
  3. It lets you hide your IP address, giving you full access to all blocked websites.
  4. It also protects your system from all kinds of malware threats.
  5. There are many VPN softwares which are available for free! (P.S: They’re not ad-free!)

A Proxy may not let you access all websites, may not protect your device from threats, may not even protect your anonymity, and the worst part – may not secure your data! You may not be interested to take all the risks involved with a proxy server, therefore going on with a VPN Software is your safest bet to access blocked websites!

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