4 Incredible ways to make YouTube safe for your Kids

As we all know, YouTube is considered as one of the most popular social sites over the Internet. Although, it serve as a store of several kind of information for people of all ages, but, YouTube also contains adult and video content, which is not good enough for your kids. If you want to safe your kids from this kind of information on YouTube, you can follow some of the tips as listed below –

  • Safety Mode – It is one of the easiest methods to prevent your children from offensive data. There is a powerful feature in YouTube; Safety Mode, which drain out majority of the improper content present on the web page. In order to enable safety mode, go at the bottom of the YouTube webpage and click on the Safety mode. Turn the option to ON and finally, click on the save button. If you want to make safety mode as your default browsing option for YouTube, you just need to login to your YouTube account and use the “Lock safety mode on this browser” option.
  • Use a Family Account – Beside safety mode, you can also create a separate family account for your kids and other family members. This would in turn help you to keep records of the type of content, your kids and family searched for. And, if you allow your children to upload videos, don’t forget to turn off the comments.
    As, YouTube always encourages people to share their thoughts regarding any video, it might be possible for young people to expose their personal information unintentionally, which in turn causes them to  face harassment from hackers. So, it is better to guide and educate your kids about the consequences of posting their personal information.
  • Create Custom Playlists – Well, it’s a very good tip to make a list of video, which are relevant for your kids. However, one thing need to keep in mind while adding a video to this playlist is, to watch the video very carefully. Doing so, you will get to know about the vulgar content or offensive information, if the video contains. You can also subscribe to kids friendly channels. This subscription helps you children to watch the new content without having to find for it
  • Safety on Mobile Devices – In order to prevent your kids from accessing improper information through Tablets or Smartphone’s, you need to make sure that you are using a kid friendly browser such as ranger or maxthon instead of using official application of YouTube. Or, you can use applications like Kidsafe Tube, iTube or Cakey or can install a power plug-in like KidZui to remain tension free when your kids are using YouTube

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