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Seamless Power

  • Unblock restricted websites
  • Bypass country restricion
  • Secure your online transactions
  • Surf web anonymously
  • Acces our service from any part of the world
Covers 38 countires with more than 98 servers currently working online

eShield VPN - For Your Internet Serenity

VPN, or better know as Virtual Private Network is an excellent way to secure, strengthen and boost your internet connection. VPN helps you to do zillion of things all at the same time - encrypt data, compress your internet traffic, anonymous surfing, hide your IP address, unblock various websites, secure WiFi and much more! It is made to work well with all your devices.

VPN for Windows
VPN for iPhone
VPN for Android

With eShield VPN you can easily unblock gaming websites, unblock flash games, unblock internet at school, access porn from office (you won't have to worry about adult websites not opening anymore) and secure online activities. There isn't much left when you have unrestricted access to all the websites and content you wish to see on the internet, that too without having to worry about the websites not opening or the fear of your identity being revealed.

eShield is absolutely free to use. Elite Version of eShield helps you to enjoy the privacy, ad-blocking, and various other security features at a much more convenient and maximum level!

What's More?

Privacy Protection

With eShield VPN service you can easily hide IP address. This helps you to secure your internet browsing session and surf web anonymously.

Internet Freedom

eShield VPN acts as your personal website unblocker that helps you to unblock any website and access it freely - Unblock Facebook, Unblock Youtube or Unblock any website!

Internet Security

Give yourself some peace of mind as you shop online with credit card with eShield VPN's HTTPS encryption. All your data is secured as it gets encrypted.

Enable WiFi Security

eShield VPN protects your identity and personal information - it Enables WiFi Security and prevents hackers from getting access to any of your information, especially in public places.

High Level Data Encryption

eShield VPN makes sure that you get High Level Data Encryption as your data protection is our prime concern.

Mobile Data Compression

With eShield VPN service in your mobile, you can easily download twice the size of data at same bandwidth, all because of Mobile Data Compression technology.

Get One Of These Free With eShield VPN Elite Version!

Parental Monitoring

In Parental Monitoring Software, we offer you two services - Keylogger and Web Browsing History's Snapshots. With the help of keylogger, you can easily get hold of all that your child types in with every keystroke. The concept of keylogger is to record every keystroke and maintain a file of the same.

Firewall And Antivirus

If you choose Firewall And Antivirus as freebies with your eShield VPN Elite Version, then you will get enhanced PC security! Everyone knows how useful a firewall and antivirus is; it controls what goes out and what comes in via your PC, helps to filter out hackers, worms and other malicious programs that try to harm your computer over internet.

PC Tuneup

PC Tuneup software helps to boost up the performance of your PC; increase its speed, less crashing, extends the battery life, frees up valuable disk space, keeps your PC at peak performance, optimizes the settings for maximum work and much more!

Cloud Storage

We provide Dropbox file hosting service that gives cloud storage and file synchronization features to our users. Simply sign up and put all your stuff in the Dropbox, access it from any computer, tablet, smartphone and much more. You can create a folder and put all your files in it!

Why You Should Use eshieldvpn?

of employees accessed personal email from business computers. This number is approximate double the level of authorized use.
of Public WiFi hotspots globally are unsecure
of people use the same password combination on multiple sites
  • To Protect and secure your privacy
  • Unblock various websites that are otherwise restricted at places such as School, Office and Library etc
  • Anonymously browse Internet and Hide your IP
  • Secure your identity
  • Enable WiFi security when connecting through public WiFi
  • Easy To Install and use
  • Encrypted and Secure Connection
  • Enhanced Protection With eShield VPN's Elite Version
  • Can Be Used On Any Computer and mobile
  • Mobile Data Compression Feature helps you browse and download more content at much less cost

You would probably smother yourself at work if you are not allowed to access some of your favorite websites - well hello, they're known as "Restricted Websites At Office". It isn't a term, but just a bunch of too-good-to-be-ignored websites that the IT admins consider as a taboo for office environment.

Internet is one scary place to put your information - not a place to put all your eggs in one basket, and yea internet is one hell of a huge basket! Since everyone is on internet, conducting their businesses online, trying to make a living, but little they know that they are equally prone to getting attacked.

How it works

We provides a managed and trusted connection to the internet that immediately reacts to and protects against emerging threats and unwanted tracking that affect mobile devices and desktop computers. We do the hard work, so that you don't have to.

Your Computer (CLIENT)

Client can be any hardware; a PC, smartphone or a tablet. eShield VPN Software will run on this device.


All your internet data and traffic gets encrypted and managed well, which is then sent via the cloud that helps to secure the data.

VPN Server

VPN server is actual hardware; server computers and traffic routers. VPN software manages the traffic routing and the communication that takes place between the server and client (your device).

Web Servers

When one uses complete data encryption via VPN software, the traffic between the two involved computers gets encrypted and confined in this secure tunnel, which blocks out the ISP from looking into your internet activities.

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